Happy New Year, Happy New Blog

2015 New Year celebration

Every year, we all make the same promises. The promise that we will give something up, start something up, change this, change that. And more importantly, that it will all begin today, on January 1st… New Year, New You! We call these promises “New Year’s Resolutions” and everyone is REALLY positive that they will change in one day and the rest of the year will be a dream! That’s a lie though, isn’t it? And it’s disheartening to find in 10 days, you couldn’t just turn your life around and whatever it was that you promised you’d change this year is still the same as it was.

So this year, I’m not falling for it! I’m not promising myself that from January 1st 2015 I’ll suddenly finally stop biting my nails, I’ll stop being late and I’ll give up the snooze button once and for all etc etc. That’s because I’m not superwoman, and those things are habitual things I’ve done for years. Plus, Monday’s are depressing enough without pressing the snooze button one too many times, and biting your nails as you walk into work a few minutes late, when you know you’re supposed to have ended this 5 days ago!
Instead, I’m setting goals for myself this year, yes there are lots of habits I should break, and things I should probably definitely not be doing at the age of 25 (like eating cake for breakfast occasionally/all the time), but there’s also lots of things I could be doing that will enhance my life over this year and, hopefully, many more to come. So, I give myself the whole year, not only to start making these changes and implementing them into my daily life, but also to think of new things I want to achieve and bring into this. That’s the beauty of it, because life is a journey so your tastes change and you learn about new experiences, or you have a bad experience and want to make changes to prevent being in that situation again! There’s so many possibilities of what could be done and by doing it this way, and approaching things realistically, I know I’m much more likely to succeed at my goals.

Now I am not sat here with a ready thought-out list of everything I want to change, and I’m not going to tell you them all today anyway, where’s the fun in that?! But I have two main things, that I promised myself I would do in 2014 but were constantly put on the sidelines, that I am going to start with:

  1. I would like to re-start this little blog, properly and as it was intended, as a journal. This blog is to document my life, not necessarily so that other people will read it (however you’re all welcome to follow me!), but so that I can look back on my life and look through these memories and adventures. I also loved blogging at uni and, although it wasn’t a popular blog, it was always lovely to look back at my journey and what I wanted to share with the world.
  2. I really, REALLY want to use my skills in sewing, pattern making and crafts to give my life a little more flavour. I can make clothes, from scratch, from an idea in my head… But I haven’t done it for years! Which is ridiculous if you ask me, and every time I tell people I can make clothes and it was what I loved most at uni, I’m always a little embarrassed to admit I don’t really do it anymore. Well that’s all about to change! I’m going to use my skills, and my spare time, and make it a hobby of mine. It is really easy, and so much cheaper than constantly shopping… And most importantly, I bloody love it!

So there we go, two little goals in writing. Two things I’d like to bring into my life from the beginning of this year, because I don’t want to become overwhelmed with too many changes from the very start, and these are two things I can work on straight away, to ease myself into this process!

I’d just like to take this opportunity to say:

Happy New Year! I hope 2015 brings you joy, laughter and very happy memories!

What is it you’d like to work on this year?

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