February – Full Speed Ahead

full speed ahead copy

So, it is February.

Somehow, we are 33 days into the year of 2015 and I don’t really feel as though I have much to show for it. I’ve been busy, I’ve been tired, I’ve been poorly… And I’ve been making excuses for myself, as if to say “it’s alright, maybe tomorrow”, when it comes to putting off the things I thought I’d have already incorporated into my life so far this year.

I’m a procrastinator, you see, and I’m easily distracted but I don’t want it to be that way forever. I want focus, I want drive and I want my passions to be seen as a part of me. It’s hard to change habits, especially when you feel like you’ve been doing them forever, and it’s easy to put things off for one more day.. It’s just a shame when this becomes every day, and you haven’t achieved anything in a month.

Therefore, my aims for February are listed below. I will hopefully come back to revisit these in 26 days with the good news that they have all been brought into my regular routine.

  1. Making time each week for something creative – usually I have some free time to myself on Monday’s and Saturday’s, these are going to be the days/evenings I dedicate some time for sewing and crafts, starting tonight!
  2. Exercising – I usually spend my lunch hour walking into the town centre near my office and back, which accumulates to just over 2 miles by the time I’m back at my desk, I do this at least 2 times a week, usually more. This keeps me focussed and gets me some fresh air, but I really want to make time for other types of exercise. Me and my fella have a holiday booked in June, so I want to work on toning a few areas before we go, just so I feel a little more comfortable bearing all in the sunshine. I am also terribly unfit, so I intend to start up running regularly again, and training towards running a 10k by the end of the year! It’s a bit cold tonight though, so we’ll wait until England has thawed out a little bit before I start running again!
  3. Kicking some bad habits (such as snoozing 4 times in the morning and skipping breakfast) – I am not a morning person… I really do struggle to get up sometimes, and the dark mornings do not help me in the slightest! I need to kick this habit though because it’s screwing up my sleep patterns and I tend to get really hungry if I don’t have breakfast and then I snack all morning! This, I believe, will be the hardest of all of the aims I have for February, but it is probably one of the most important ones, in terms of my mental well-being, but we’ll see how I get on…

They’re not huge aims, but I’m thinking if I start off with small changes, they may have a bigger impact on my life in the long run! If not, I can always add to them or adapt them in order to enhance my life later on!

How are you feeling about 2015, so far?


One thought on “February – Full Speed Ahead

  1. sessaraquel says:

    I think those are really good goals.! It’s funny I found this blog because I’m working on similar ones this year. Instead of making my goal to get up really early and never snooze, I just made the rule that I have to get up and brush my teeth when my alarm goes off , regardless of whether I go back to bed or not. People who get up easily would think that’s crazy, but it’s actually been working. Most times I’ve been staying up since the hardest part is actually getting out of bed. Good luck with all of your goals!


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