TV Review: The Undateables

So the latest series of The Undateables is over, and it was as heartwarming and lovely as ever!


I absolutely love this show, it shows you the dating lives of some people in the UK who have disabilities or long-term illnesses, who are often seen as undateable. For a reality show, it is potentially, the sweetest one out of them all and is definitely my favourite. Many of the people featured have not dated before, or have not been very successful in dating. And most of the stories have happy endings, or at least changes the perspective of dating to a very positive one.

What I love most about this show is how everyone, who is featured on the show, is honest about what they’re looking for in love and in a relationship. I struggle to put my feelings into words, I always have done, and then I see these people who put their hearts out there and say things so beautifully that all you want is to see their happy ending. At the end of each series, the show revisits a number of people from previous seasons and updates you on their love lives. This year there were two engagements (and 1 filmed wedding), and a baby! So adorable!

Every time I watch an episode of The Undateables, I am left feeling happy and full of hope, not only for the people on the show but for humanity in general…

Today I listened to a 15minute Newsbeat segment on Radio 1, whilst driving home from work, and it focussed on some very negative stories including mass child abuse and female genital mutilation (FGM). This is just part of the world we live in, but 9 hours prior to this I was listening to the same radio station and the focus of the show was to raise as much money for Comic Relief as possible. There is beauty and kindness in this world, but often we watch, listen and read the news, only to get bogged down by the negative stuff. Sometimes, we just need something to remind us, that there is love and hope out there, and for me, the latest series of the Undateables was the perfect solution.

Feature image, courtesy of Channel 4.


What are your thoughts?

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