Projects that require you to slow down…

Ah, I can’t believe it has now been a week since my last post! I’ve been pretty busy socialising but I’ve had to make things a bit quieter this week because I’m taking up some curtains for my nan to be ready on Sunday and it’s a HUGE job (much bigger than I anticipated due to the sheer size of curtains). But, it’s amazing what you can take from a big job like these curtains.

When I suggested I take up the curtains I hadn’t actually seen them or the size of them (but having made my own curtains before, I knew I had the capacity to do it). Each curtain is 3 standard curtains wide with pleats along the top, nearly doubling the width of each curtain hem. It’s a big job to say yes to without really looking into it – silly me, I know – but it’s still do-able, I’m just taking my time to ensure the new length is consistent and correct!

Taking my time is an entirely new concept for me. ALL of my projects, including every single piece of sewing I did as part of my school work or degree course, has been rushed and very last minute. It’s just how I work, and I tend not to over-think and complicate things because I don’t have enough time and I’m too busy diving straight into the next task. I can’t do this with these curtains, because they cost my nan a lot of money and they’re also not for me, so if I do make a mistake I’ll have an unhappy customer.

It is definitely paying off though, the planning and prep that I have done so far has been correct, so I am confident if I continue at this pace I will get the job done in time and to the highest standard. I plan to have the rest of the pressing and pinning of the new hems finished tonight and then Thursday night will be dedicated to machine sewing, followed by hand sewing of the bulky corners on Friday evening whilst watching a bit of TV. Should everything go to plan, I can take Saturday off to do some personal sewing. If not, I still have the whoooole of Saturday to finish things off without getting into too much of a tizz. I’m just going to keep reminding myself, that however long I think something will take me, I must multiply it by at least 2!

The time management and planning of this project has really shown me that I have so much time, during a full working week, that I could dedicate to sewing and blogging. It is ridiculous to think that I sometimes complain of having no spare time to myself, when really there are hours and hours that I just wile away each evening. Instead, I plan to use it much more wisely, and include regular breaks for tea, blog planning and catching up on my favourite reads!

Break Time

My nan has insisted I charge her for the work on these curtains, but when I offered to do the job for her, I wasn’t expecting a payment of any sort! I’ve had a little think about this and, instead of charging her an hourly rate multiplied by the number of hours I’ve worked on them, I have decided I’m going to ask for a few sewing supplies in return for my work. That way this little job will benefit my sewing hobby in more ways than one… Instead of me spending the money on takeaways and wine!

In other news, there’s been a new development too! Last week I received some woven sew-in labels from here!

Home-Sewn by She

They’re beautiful aren’t they? I paid slightly more per label for the metallic thread but I think it’s worth it! “Home-Sewn by She” will become a new feature on the blog for anything I make/refashion. These little labels will be sewn into anything I make from scratch, but not for refashions because most of the hard work won’t have been done by me! I have a number of projects lined up that will feature soon, and one that is pretty much ready to go once I have finished the curtains! I’m so excited to get started but I need to focus on the task at hand!

Anyway, I guess I best get back to work!! Wish me luck!


4 thoughts on “Projects that require you to slow down…

  1. Katie Writes Stuff says:

    That’s a subject I’ve been thinking of, too. Not curtains but the amount of free time I’ve been misplacing. It really is amazing how much time we have if we just realise it.

    Good luck with the rest of the curtains!


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