Sunday Funday – Excitement for projects yet to come

Happy Sunday, everyone!

I delightfully gave the curtains back to my parents this morning, they were finished with time to spare and to a standard I was really happy with! I spent more time on them than I have on any other sewing project, but it was worth it, and who knows, maybe it’ll mean I take my time more on the personal projects I have planned. The curtains are being dropped off at my nan’s this afternoon, so I’m sure I’ll have a message of approval before the night is over… And maybe even a photo, which I will update this post with!

The curtains meant I had to put all of my personal projects on hold, but now they’re finished I can start moving forwards with them! I plan to start drafting my own patterns soon, but I thought I’d start off with a couple of free ones to familiarise myself with a few bits and bobs – a couple of things for me and one for my little niece. Simple but exciting enough to get me into a sewing groove!

Planned Patterns

I also have a couple of refashions I’d like to do. Recently I’ve sorted through my wardrobe at least once every 6months. This includes throwing out the holey and well-loved, well-worn items and donating anything I’ve kept for too long, on the basis that I might wear it one day. There’s a few things that I’ve kept that I like but feel the fit could be slightly different – these are the things I want to fix so that they can become a regular part of my wardrobe rotation.

Planned Refashions

This means there will be lots to talk about, and I have a few non-sewing posts planned too – I’m gona keep mixing it up until I find a good groove for the blog.

I hope you’re all having a lovely weekend so far, and you enjoy the next few hours before Monday morning comes around!

Cheers 🙂


3 thoughts on “Sunday Funday – Excitement for projects yet to come

  1. ccmercer1982 says:

    Returning to personal projects sounds good! I’m a bit of a selfish sewist so my makes are mainly for me! I also got that free Simplicity pattern, have you decided what to make next and chosen fabrics yet?


    • sheisthewildyouth says:

      From that pattern, I’m not sure yet. I picked up the magazine this pattern came with, so that I could potentially make the trousers and/or peplum top for work (I own lots of smart dresses for work, but no smart trousers and a limited number of smart tops). We’ll see where they make it into my growing list of projects though!
      I’m going to toile the little girl’s dress (for my niece) and the jacket first – but I know I am going to want to make the jacket with longer sleeves, so I will need to lengthen them accordingly. I haven’t even got as far as thinking about fabrics yet, I just got excited about new things that aren’t pleated curtains!!

      Thanks 🙂

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  2. megsewing says:

    I don’t usually get sew magazine but that one was so great! Can’t wait to see your makes from that pattern.
    I need some work clothes also and plan on sewing up that top to give my professional wordrobe a boost 🙂


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