The Little Black Dress Refashion – Part 1

I haven’t done many refashions in my time as a sewist(?), I once changed an old over-worn pair of jeans into a mini-skirt and I think there was another experimental refashion at another point but until I read the blog ReFashionista, I didn’t really think about how you can adapt the clothes you already own/buy in charity shops into something more suitable for you. Well, let me tell you something, this blog drew me in to the refashioning world. I found the blog on the wonderful land of Pinterest, and purposefully ventured back through the blog to the beginning of her year long challenge in order to see her journey to the present day. Yes, I was obsessed, I loved seeing the transformations and seeing her ideas!

Anyhoo, it got me thinking about my own wardrobe. I’ve been really good over the past two years and sorted through my wardrobe regularly, donating the decent stuff to charity shops and chucking out the stuff I was a little ashamed of because they were so worn. As good as I’d been, I still held onto a couple of things that I would potentially wear in the future, even though it was right for me right now. Instead of waiting 6 more months and re-assessing the garments as to whether or not I still like them enough to keep, I’m going to work through them now so that I have new (old) things to wear, with minimal spendage.

LBD Original

Meet Mona – My mannequin

I was given this cute little black dress by my landlady. She kindly gave me and me ex-housemate a big bag of clothes to go through and pick what we wanted to keep. I loved this shift dress even though it was a size or two too small therefore I couldn’t try it on. The lining is a polyester jersey knit, and the outer layer is made of organza. I believed if I put a zip down the CB then I’d at least be able to get into it. The trouble is that even if I’d put in the zip, I wouldn’t be able to do it up or, if I could, it’d be unbelievably tight! So that idea went into the bin but the dress stayed in my wardrobe.

I then thought I could unpick the centre back seam, turn the dress around, crop it and have a floaty-sleeved jacket – this is a bit more risky, but at least I’d be able to wear the garment… I held back, but I couldn’t put my finger on why, and although this would be a fairly easy refashion, I just couldn’t bring myself to start it. All I could think was ‘If only there was a way to add something into that CB seam to make this fit as a dress, then I’d be really happy!’. Then, I remembered my inspiration board on Pinterest, I tend to pin anything from patterns and sewing tips, to RTW garments and simple crafty things. Well the below image had the answer I was looking for!

CB Pleat Dress

This image is from Pinterest.

Just to make sure this would work, I’ve unpicked the organza CB seam and the dress can now be put on and taken off rather easily, and the jersey lining body is still comfortable to wear! Using a pleat to close up the CB seam will give me the additonal fabric I need without looking a bit silly, and by doing this in a contrasting colour, it adds interest to the garment! I decided to purchase some organza off ebay, and whilst browsing the colours available I found this one:

Organza Wine

Wine Coloured Organza!

I love wine, so it would be silly for me to not to pick this colour. Especially as this dress is going to be one of the nicer dresses for going out and drinking wine… Makes perfect sense, right?

So, it may take a few attempts to get this refashion right (I’ve already made one attempt tonight, and realised I’ve not made the pleat big enough!!), but it’s a learning curve, and I have already learned a few things in the process! I’m aiming to get it finished by the weekend, however as I work on it, I’ll be adding photos to my shiny new Instagram account, so if you want to see my progress, click here and follow me!

What are you upto this week?!


8 thoughts on “The Little Black Dress Refashion – Part 1

  1. thecuriousbum says:

    Good choice. I’ve thought about joining pinterest but I have a hard enough time completing things without even more inspiration :3 I’m curious, don’t know much about England, but there aren’t really supposed to be 3 Dunstables in your location, right?


    • sheisthewildyouth says:

      Haha! I find that I pin lots of pics for inspiration and then rarely go back and look through them… It’s just another distraction for me in life!
      No there isn’t… I hadn’t noticed that, I’m pretty sure it doesn’t say that when I set my location!! Maybe, just maybe, WordPress just really likes the word Dunstable!


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