Home-Sewn by She – An Unexpected Last-Minute Project

We all plan the projects we do, whether we know it or not, the idea is planted when we see a pattern or fabric or read a blog post of someone else’s beautiful creations. Your mind ticks it over, until one day it clicks and you see the idea for what it is – an obtainable outcome. Well, I started mulling over the idea of making a Weather Mobile for my soon-to-arrive niece, as soon as I saw the template for it whilst browsing sewmag.co.uk. The only problem was, the sex of the baby at this point was going to be a surprise, so other than thinking “I can make that! It’ll be soooo cute!” I couldn’t plan the colours of felt to buy – I wanted to tailor it to the sex of the little bambino, you see!

Well, 8 days ago, a little girl by the name of Rose was born, my new baby niece and I was so excited to go meet her! My sister and I decided to wait a couple of weeks to allow the little family to settle in at home, which would give me plenty of time to plan the colours of my gift, buy the materials and components needed and to make the gift without rushing… And then, last Wednesday morning, we were given the option to go meet her at the weekend! How could we refuse?! This, however, meant a new, much closer deadline for the present!

I went to the local arts and craft shop during my lunch break and bought everything I needed, which consisted of 7 colours of felt, 4 colours of embroidery thread, an embroidery hoop, 2m of ribbon and some hand-embroidery needles.


Supplies for the project!

I was excited to get started, I cut out the teenie-tiny pattern pieces in the shapes of clouds, stars, the sun etc and decided to take it at one shape at a time. I didn’t want to cut out shapes and lose them in the transporting process of taking the project to progress with at work (in my lunchbreak of course) and at my fella’s flat. On the Thursday, once the project was well underway (I’d made a cloud with raindrops and a kite, with no string – so I felt like this project was actually do-able, even if at a very slow pace) I ordered a mobile stand, which screws onto the baby’s cot and can be wound up to play “You are my Sunshine” whilst rotating the mobile. To say I was a little excited about how this project was coming together, was an understatement.

To make the shapes, you simply cut them out in felt of whatever colour you choose as per the number on the template guide. You use a running stitch around the relevant edges and pad them out slightly with wadding to give a 3D effect. You then thread the shapes together vertically, the guide tells you to add a little stitch onto the shape to hold it in place – I found a little knot in my thread for the shapes to sit on worked just fine! Once you have lined up the shapes, you can tie or tape them onto the hoop, which then gets covered in ribbon. Once this is secured, add three or four threads to the top and tie in a knot to hook onto the mobile stand. I created a small loop between two knots – I think this worked well because I could then adjust the threads slightly so that it would sit straight.

Finished Product

The finished product!

My brother and future sister-in-law loved the gift, we went up to the nursery straight away to put it up, and they were thrilled it would add a bit of pink to the neutral grey nursery. It was a simple gift, that is truly unique for this little girl!

Once again, this project has resulted in me putting off everything else that I had planned, well that and my agonising tooth-ache from a wisdom tooth that is currently providing no wisdom! So tonight, instead of moving forward with my projects, I am going to sit on the sofa with a tub of ice-cream to (literally) numb the pain. Hopefully a course of antibiotics will also help, but not fast enough!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend!! What wonderful things did you all get upto?


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