Healthy Balance of Life

3 hobbies

March, the beginning of Spring… Blossom, leaves and flowers start to bloom, you’ll begin to see ducklings at your local park (or in my case Canal) soon, and the days are staying lighter for longer. I love, love, love the fact that I can get home and it’s still light (for about 10 minutes), it just fills me with so much energy! The trouble is, my main aim for this year to enhance my life with a couple of hobbies, is still struggling to flourish! Maybe Spring will help, but my main problem is the fact I used to have no personal hobbies and my life was literally me flitting between different social situations throughout the week, every week!

It was a quality everyone loved about me though, I was constantly available and in regular contact forming new plans… But it was tiring, and I rarely made time for myself, and I would frequently feel run down. I loved the social aspect of my life, and I want to keep that, but I also want to prioritise some she-time, where I can concentrate building my new hobbies and incorporate them into this blog. I just can’t get a decent balance at the moment! But don’t worry, I’ve got some pretty big changes in the pipeline of my life, which should help me, but I want to take my time and get it right!

I have so many ideas going through my head at the moment, I have a list in my notebook as to what projects I can do in order to get my sewing motivation (Sewtivation! Have I just invented a new word? – actually re-reading this I’ve realised the word I was looking for was, indeed, Sewjo!) back. I am constantly adding to this list and I want to do them all… but sadly I can’t because I don’t have much disposable income for fabrics and supplies at the moment so until that changes I’m trying to be much more considerate about the sewing relating purchases I am making. For now, refashions and toiles are leading the way – and hopefully soon, I will be drafting some of my own patterns.


I also want to begin film, music and book reviews, as a log of the things I actually like – I’m planning to develop a format that I believe will hopefully allow my personality to shine through and make these reviews truly unique – I don’t want a block of text as a review, I want ratings and likes and dislikes etc… I have so many thoughts when it comes to listening to things for the first time, it might be interesting to share these with the Internet!

In the time that I’ve been quiet on here, I have actually been expanding my blogging network, having recently re-joined Instagram and Bloglovin’ and I have also signed up to take part in The Monthly Stitch. I’ve been using my quiet time during the past few weeks to find new blogs and people to follow. There is so much inspiration out there and thanks to the internet and smart phones, it’s all at your fingertips!

Anyhoo, for now I will let you know the Little Black Dress Refashion is almost finished, and I’ll be blogging about it later tonight. Then, Saturday morning will be dedicated to sewing a wearable muslin for my eldest niece, so I can start planning on some summer dresses for her! I’m going to continue working on making these hobbies a part of my regular routine, I think it’ll just take a little longer to adjust than planned!


What are your thoughts?

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