LBD + Wine = Refashion Fun Times AKA Little Black Dress Refashion – Part 2

After staring at the LBD on Mona (The Mannequin) for a week, with my swollen face and lack of energy and motivation, I finally unpicked the first attempt of the refashion and got round to trying attempt number 2!! Fingers crossed this will work!

First I removed the seam allowance from one side of the original-but-too-small pattern and placed this new cut edge on the fold of my fabric to double the original width of the insert. The pattern was pinned in place and I cut it out. I then stitched the panel in place with a french seam on one side. Carefully trimming and pressing between each stage, where necessary, to ensure only the neatest of finishes. Then I stitched the other side in the same way.

After pressing the seams neatly in place, I carefully trimmed the hem of my panel to match the rest of the dress. I haven’t got around to hemming this yet – ideally it needs a roll-hem foot, which I am not sure I have in the set of presser feet I have for my machine, but I found out yesterday we have one for the machine at work, so I may bring this into work to complete.

LBD Refashion

Now I (almost) have a beautiful dress, which actually fits me, ready for a sophisticated evening out. It was quick and was just enough of a challenge (French seams and organza as a starter refashioning project? I’m pretty sure there are easier ones in my wardrobe that I could have started with!) to get me motivated for the next refashion. Next on my to-do list is a piece for me for The Monthly Stitch, which I have recently joined, and a less selfish project of a summer dress for my eldest niece. What projects do you have planned coming up?


3 thoughts on “LBD + Wine = Refashion Fun Times AKA Little Black Dress Refashion – Part 2

  1. thecuriousbum says:

    Nice, nice. Currently I am fixing and changing up some pants for a friend. Took out the old rivets and replaced them with solid copper, changed the broken zipper to a button fly (and homemade button), stamped her first initial in binary on a leather emblem. I like mods better than making new stuff.


    • sheisthewildyouth says:

      Hmmm I like the odd refashion in the way it takes something (in my case) mass produced and makes it unique!! Your mods sound great though btw… But honestly, I think there’s nothing better than creating a pattern, choosing fabrics and making something that noone else in the world has!! That’s what I really want to get back into my life as a hobby.

      PS I love the fact you call jeans “pants”, totally not the same thing for us British folk!! Haha!


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