Jersey Dress Refashion

Yay for Saturday!! It feels like it has been a super long week, this week, so I am really happy the weekend is now here!

Having nearly finished my first refashion, and finding myself to have a few spare hours last night, I decided another refashion was on the cards! My thinking is, if I spend a few hours doing something sewing related each day, outside of work, (obviously it won’t be possible everyday, but lets aim big) then I’m going to find it easier to bring it into more of a regular rotation in my life.

It's not terrible! But there's bits I don't like...

It’s not terrible! But there’s bits I don’t like…

This time I’ve picked a jersey dress from DP. I scored this in the sale section for £10. Bargain!! However, having bought a few jersey dresses from DP and being perfectly content with the fit… When I got this one home and tried it on, I was a little disappointed. The waist is a little too low so it doesn’t sit on my waist, and the skirt is too long for my liking, sad face. BUT I really liked the little back neckline keyhole detail.

And bits I do! this back is B-E-A-U-TIFUL!

And bits I do! This back is B-E-A-U-TIFUL!

Therefore I can count the number of times I have worn this dress on 2 fingers… Yep twice, and I think I bought this in the January sales of 2014. Obviously, during this time, I haven’t donated it to charity for someone else to love, so it has been languishing in my wardrobe for this whole time (and I’ve moved twice since buying it!)!

So I tried to keep this simple. I decided to move the waist seam up and eliminating the extra length of the skirt at the same time. This involved unpicking the waist seam and removing the clear elastic.

I actually find unpicking garments and taking them apart quite therapeutic...

I actually find unpicking garments and taking them apart quite therapeutic…

I then cut some new elastic, stitched this into a loop and marked the 4 points of the centre back, centre front and 2x side seams. I stretched this onto the skirt with the bottom edge lined up with my new desired waist point on the right side of the fabric, stitching at the elastic’s top edge. I found this new waist point by taking another jersey dress (of a similar fabric weight) and measuring the CB skirt, the waist position and skirt length is perfect on the other dress so I thought this was a pretty safe place to start.

That probably makes more sense looking at this photo...

That probably makes more sense looking at this photo…

Once I’d brought in my skirt with the elastic, I lined up the bodice against the skirt right sides together, trapping the bodice waist edge between the elastic and the skirt.

Ditto for this step too!

Ditto for this step too!

Nearly there...

Nearly there…

I then turned this through so that I could stop the skirt from bunching upwards where I was stitching and carefully stretched the elastic/skirt/bodice combo as I stitched. This meant the skirt would be nicely (and hopefully evenly) gathered, but the bodice would sit flat. After a quick fitting, I then trimmed down the excess skirt above the elastic and top-stitched the top edge of the elastic in place.

Final step!

Final step!

The thread I used was the closest colour match to the dress that I had, but it doesn’t bother me too much as I’ll probably wear a belt with this dress to accentuate my waist.



I love the fit of the dress now, the bodice looks cuter now it is slightly shorter and I am so much happier with the length of the skirt! Happy face! I’m unsure whether I want to keep the sleeves, but I also want to wear this dress tomorrow and don’t want to botch it up or have it unfinished so that it is unwearable – I guess I could save that for another day! I’m just happy that I have had another successful refashion!!

Time taken to complete: approx 3hours whilst multitasking (including unpicking the original dress and occasional learning curves)

Cost: Absolutely nothing (because this dress has been in my wardrobe for SO long and I used elastic and thread from my current supplies!!)

Sewing Playlist(s): Annie Mac on Radio 1If You Wait (Deluxe Version) – London Grammar

Hope you have a looovely weekend, I’m off to the cinema today, and then sharing more baby cuddles with my cousin’s newborn tomorrow! I’m sure it’ll be over before I know it though!!


What are your thoughts?

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