Behind the Scenes of She (and He)!

Image found on Pinterest!

Image found on Pinterest!

So, it has been a little while since I last wrote on here… From what I can remember, it must be about 2 and a half weeks? You see, it was around then that me and my fella decided to move in together! Exciting news, eh?

Until a few days ago, I was living in a rented annexe on (what started as) a temporary basis because the homeowner was selling the house. Luckily, this dragged on for nearly 6 months and gave me a little time to see where our relationship was heading and allowed us to continue spending more and more time with each other, getting to know each other even better. We then decided we were ready to take the next step in our relationship and move in together! I was at a stage where I didn’t like sleeping in my bed without him, and we were both spending an extortionate amount of money on rent living in 2 separate places, alone. So it was a no-brainer really, but we did both have to feel ready for it before we made the move. Anyone who is a young adult in the UK, renting a 1 bed flat on their own will know how expensive life can become. But it’s not that we were struggling with money, we just had very little disposable income in order to do things… This is something we’re both looking forward to, having money that we can put towards our holiday later this year, going out on date nights and still have some leftover to spend on personal things too (for me, this will probably go towards my sewing, teehee!). Most importantly though, we’re very excited to begin our future together!

It’s been fun working together, turning this flat from his home to our home. We’ve redecorated the living room, given the whole place a spring clean and we’re finding ways to share the storage so that all of my stuff fits in! At the moment, all of my sewing stuff is boxed up, and I’m waiting to get a new bigger (and therefore, hopefully, less cluttered) desk before I start unpacking things… My fella has 2 kitties, so I also want to keep them away from the sewing goodies until they’re all in their new sewing home, where quite frankly, I’ll have little control over what the kitties do with my stuff. If you have any tips for sewing around cats that I need to be aware of from the beginning, then please do let me know!!

Once the sewing stuff has been unpacked, I hope to start work on a dress for my brother’s wedding later this year. I think I’ve found a good starting pattern (sorry, I didn’t take a photo of it before I packed it) but it is going to need a few tweaks, me thinks. I also have some mini-sewing projects lined up too, so I’ll hopefully be a busy bunny over Easter weekend :P!

I hope you’re all well, I’ve still been visiting and reading your posts and I’m always in awe of how much sewing (and blogging) you all fit into your lives! You really are an inspiration to me, as I feel I’m still only in the starting stages of this little blog and re-starting of my sewing hobby. Keep doing what you’re doing, it’s always a pleasure to read :).


6 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes of She (and He)!

  1. luckybearnorfolk says:

    Re the cats: hide your tape measures! One of my two cats picks it up from the sewing room and carries it around the house, miaowing as she goes!
    Also don’t leave fabric or tissue paper patterns sitting out anywhere…they’ll sleep on it!


    • sheisthewildyouth says:

      Haha! I knew the fabric and tissue paper would become their new favourite resting place however I would have never thought the tape measure would be a problem… then again one of the kitties attacked my teabag string floating around my cup last night, whilst I was holding it, startling me so much I splashed tea all over myself… so I guess anything is possible! Thanks for the advice!


  2. thecuriousbum says:

    I was thinking about cats not too long ago. I’ve been lazy and just cut threads and throw them on the floor. If we had cats still they’d be eating them, perhaps only get the string partway down so you find them with a string hanging out and have to pull it out. I guess cleanliness would be the most important thing, have everything put away. Good to take that next step in the relationship. I wouldn’t mind having that, but such is the bum’s life.


    • sheisthewildyouth says:

      Yeah, I guess having cats will encourage me to be a little tidier… Which I suppose I shouldn’t really complain about!! I’ve got myself a new bin with a lid so that threads will be hidden in there instead of left on the floor/desk, I’d not have thought about it otherwise and then probably have to clean up “thread-end furballs” I guess? Thanks 🙂


  3. Katie Writes Stuff says:

    If you’re sewing around cats, expect them to be involved in everything. And by ‘involved’, I mean ‘playing with and attacking everything because it is now theirs’. I thought my cats would make a run for it when I started the sewing machine but they just settle down next to it as though it’s their best friend.


    • sheisthewildyouth says:

      Haha, I’ve seen photos of people sitting at their machine with the cat asleep on their lap – this will probably be me one day! It must be the gentle purr of the machine that they like!!

      I built up my new desk last weekend and it has been inspected about 17 times by each cat – climbing on top of it, hiding behind it, sitting on a shelf, washing themselves on it… I’m guessing they approve! Hopefully, I’ll have my own “sewing with cats” adventures to share soon lol, I might even be a bit disappointed if they just leave me to it now!


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