Home-Sewn by She – Simple Cushion Covers

Happy Easter everyone!! I know it’s only Good Friday but it’s Easter weekend so I thought I’d share some Easter love!!

Bake: Chocolate Rice Crispy – Easter Cakes

On Wednesday night, I made some lovely chocolate, rice crispy cakes – recipe and inspiration from this blog – and I took them into work to share with the girls in my office. They were delicious!! Cakes are always well appreciated in my office (mainly by me) so I knew they’d be a winner! Plus they were so easy to make!

Anyway, seeing as I have pretty much settled into my new home with the fella, I decided to spend my Friday Bank Holiday off work to make some new cushions for our living room. We’ve painted a feature wall “Electric Teal”, and we’ll be getting some new cushions to match, but I found the below fabric in my stash when I was moving and have decided to make a couple of contrasting cushions too…. Because extra cushions on the sofa is extra cosy, obvs!


Such beauty found lurking in my stash!!

In order to save pennies, i have decided to make these completely with supplies I currently hold so that they are technically free! The fabrics I am using, I paid no money for; the grey was a freebie from work, the cushion lining was originally the lining from the curtains I took up for my nan and the cushion fillings are from my old pillows that we’ll no longer be using! I will be creating the covers so that they’re removable, but because I don’t have any suitable zips in my stash, I’ll be creating them with a simple envelop opening, and I’m going to show you how!! I’ll show you how to make the cushion inners too but you can just reuse the ones you already own/store bought if you want!!

Cushion Inners

Cushion Inners

Making the cushion inners:

First I measured the cushion size I wanted – 45x45cm – and added 1cm seam allowance all around. I then draw this up onto the lining fabric and cut out 4 layers to make 2 cushions.


I place the lining fabrics right sides together and stitch around all 4 edges leaving a 15cm gap on one of the edges. Remember to back stitch at the beginning and end.

Handy Helpful Tip: You could stitch the 4 edges separately or you could stitch them in one go like I did – if you choose to use this method, make sure your needle is in the down position when you reach the corner so that you can pivot the fabric! Voila!


Next snip into each of the corners making sure the cut is a couple of mm away from the stitching, so that you can turn the cushions through, ensuring the corners will be a nice pointy right-angle.


I take my stuffing and pad out the cushion through the little gap, use as much or as little as you like, I used a lot.


Then you simply close up the opening on the machine or by hand and now you have your cushion inners!


Making the cushion covers:

The covers will be the measurement of the cushion inner with an extra 1cm to both the length and the width added for ease (46x46cm without seam allowance). The back of the cushion will be made up of 2 pieces, with a 10cm over lap. If you want the panels to over lap in the centre of the cushion, you can work out the panel depths by diving the cushion length by 2 and adding 5cm (in my case it is 28cm), this will allow for the overlap. You could make the cover so that the overlap is towards one side of the cushion, and I think the best way to do this is to measure how far away you want the opening to be from the edge of the cushion, and use this measurement and the remainder measurement as the base, and then add 5cm onto each of these accordingly to create the two panels with overlap. Then you just need to add seam allowances and the hem allowance onto the flaps and you’re good to go!!

Cut out the cushion outers.


Hem the back panel pieces, I did this by folding them over twice, pressing in place and top stitching.


Next place the top back panel onto the front panel, right sides together and pin into place.


Next, do the same thing with the bottom panel allowing the back panels to overlap accordingly.


Stitch both pieces in place and finish the seam allowances in whatever method you choose (I chose overlocking). Turn the covers through and insert your cushion inner.


These instructions give you a good base, but you can add features onto your cushion fronts such as appliqués, embroideries or prints, fasten the backs with buttons or toggles, or you could even add a piped edge to your cushions! The possibilities are endless, so why not try a new technique? I might even try some of these if I make some in teal to match the wall!!

Time taken to complete: approx 4hours altogether, with breaks and food included

Cost: Absolutely nothing (the fabrics made to use the covers and inners were both free, and the wadding was from pillows we no longer need)

Sewing Playlist(s): Kisstory Radio Station (through my iPad)

I hope you all have a lovely Easter, what creative things are you lovelies upto this holiday weekend?


2 thoughts on “Home-Sewn by She – Simple Cushion Covers

  1. whatcorrinedidnext says:

    Yummy! I managed to eat all of my Easter nests before I could think about taking them into the office for my workmates. Thanks for the link back to my recipe.

    Great cushion covers (I’d never thought of making the inners…you’ve made it look so easy) I can’t wait to see the next of the finishing touches to your new home!


    • sheisthewildyouth says:

      Ha! I strictly made these for the girls at work, mainly because my fella and I ate 6 chunky chocolate muffins the weekend before!

      Thanks! It was the perfect project to wile away a Bank Holiday, whilst letting me add something substantial to the flat. I have a few more DIY homewares up my sleeve for the next few weeks that I’ll be sharing!

      Liked by 1 person

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