Spring Beginnings

I love Spring. I love both transitional seasons, they’re good for change. To me, Spring represents freshness and newness, and everyone starts feeling optimistic about the weather (especially in the UK!).

Today is a rare sunny day for a Bank Holiday Monday, but it was a good day to don my running trainers and get out into the fresh air! It quickly became a challenge once I had been running for more than a few minutes, but I took my time, it’s not a race afterall! The plan for the rest of the week is to get out and get the fresh air into my lungs, get my body more conditioned into the running routine again before I start pushing myself harder. I’ve got a good little route, just longer than 1.5miles with some inclines, that’ll keep it simple for the first few weeks or so. Once I can do that in one go, I’ll find a new route, the only problem is, I now live in an area so that no matter which way I run, I’ll have to tackle a big hill at one point or another! I like a challenge though! I aim to take part in the 10K run, Sure Run to the Beat, in September but first I need to pick a charity to run it for. My main choices are Chrohn’s and Colitis UK, RNIB or Cancer Research UK, as all three charities could help someone very close to me in my life! As soon as I have picked one, I’ll sign up!

In order to help me train, I’m looking for a good running app. I was hoping I could give one or two a go for free but the features I want to try out are the ones you need to upgrade for. Any suggestions of which apps are good for android users, then please do let me know. Today, I planned my route in advance (seeing as I’m new to this area) and I just took the iPod shuffle and my trusty pedometer to get me started. I did also use the app RunKeeper but I’m not really sure how to get the most from it, it seems a bit confusing.

New Look 6145 for the Simplicity Blogger Challenge and Simplicity 1908 View C for my brother's wedding

New Look 6145 for the Simplicity Blogger Challenge and Simplicity 1908 View C for my brother’s wedding

In regards to sewing projects, I’m looking at making two dresses over the next 10 weeks, including a toile for both (or part toile, because I’m impatient). One is for the Simplicity Blogger Challenge, which I receive the pattern for on Monday, but you’re allowed to adapt it so I want to do something rather special. The other is the dress I’m going to make for my brother’s wedding. I’ve ordered some fabric swatches and I have a pretty good idea of what colour scheme and which fabrics I’m going to use, I just need to check it’s going to work in actual fabric form first! I will be trying to keep my Instagram feed up to date with my progress on both projects, so keep an eye out on there!

I also want to make some simple running aids, I’ve had a go at this running armband by Amelia, but my jersey’s recovery is poor so I’ll need to make another one I can actually use. The good news is that I understand the tutorial now, so whipping out a couple for me and the fella in a few colours shouldn’t be too hard!

I’ve had a productive Easter Weekend, now it’s time to celebrate my little buddy Jack’s 2nd Birthday, already looking forward to playing in the park and checking out all of his new toys! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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