Home Sewn By She – The Challenge

Guys, I’m not gona lie. I have been reading your blogs now for nearly 6 months and I sit here and I think “How the hell do they fit in so much time to sew and then write a blog post about it? Do they not have jobs?!”. The quality, consistency and sheer amount of sewing and blogging some of you do is phenomenal, and then I look at my life and I really want to do more of both blogging and sewing but never find the time.

Following the completion of the Simplicity Blogger Challenge (which I have received some lovely lovely feedback for) and having come down with the recent flu-bug going around which meant I was literally lying down and resting whenever I wasn’t at work last week, I have realised my brother gets married in just over a week’s time and I still haven’t made my dress yet! “Well, I’m just going to have to make time to sew” I’d tell myself, and the fella, “I’ll ask the girls to have a sewing evening at work, again!”. And then it hit me, if I want to be sewing more I need to make more time to sew, create new opportunities and (probably, the most effective tool) give myself deadlines.


So here goes, I’m going to set myself a challenge, and boy is it a good one! In order to motivate myself to sew more, try new patterns, work with new fabrics and create a new wardrobe, I am going to make at least one garment a week, every single week for a year! There I said it, so now it has to happen! That’ll mean, once the year is up, I will have made at least 52 garments, not necessarily all for me as I’ll probably get bored of selfish sewing and want to mix it up a bit. For each garment, I’ll write a post about my experience, whether that is about the challenge in general or a specific pattern/fabric/fit, etc! Refashions will not count unless they’re absolutely mind-boggling and would require the same amount of time as a garment from scratch, which they generally don’t, but these can be extra!

What do I aim to take from this challenge?

Well, I already love sewing, and every time I get behind the machine, I enjoy every second. Having the finished garment just makes me feel even happier! I think this challenge will really help me learn more about fabric and fit, I’ll be trying a whole range of patterns and different garments and I think it’ll really help me come into my own in sewing. Most of all, I’d love my time management to improve… I like lazy evenings, on the sofa in front, of the telly but I think this will help me balance that more with sewing and blogging instead of going from one extreme to the other each week.

How can you take part?

Well, if you’d like to join me on this challenge, let me know!! Even if it’s just for 2 months or 6 months or even just a few weeks, if I am encouraging you to sew more then feel free to tag on :).

Another way you can help, is if you have any patterns or fabrics hidden in your stash that you’d like to donate, I’d happily take these off your hands. Sewing isn’t a cheap hobby and we all keep hold of things for the sake of not wasting it. If you think I’d be able to use it in this challenge then I’ll give it a go. If I don’t think it’s suitable for me personally, then I could always return it? Obviously you’d be given credit for your generous offers, and if you have a blog I’ll link back to you!

Also, I’m very open to recommendations of patterns, good fabric sources and just general tips that could help in this challenge!!

The rules are simple (but I’ll need some time to prepare properly) so here the extra details:

  1. The challenge will run between Sunday 5th July 2015 and Saturday 2nd July 2016
  2. I always count my weeks as running from Sunday to Saturday, so that is the format I’ll follow for this challenge too, which is good because Saturday’s are good days for sewing!
  3. I’ll aim to finish garments by the Saturday, but it is entirely likely that the blog post will not be published until the Sunday
  4. Should I fall behind one week and not complete the garment by the Saturday, this will eat into the next garment’s time (my time management can only benefit from this, right?). Obviously, if I make something really easy and finish it by the Wednesday, I can equally use that time to start the next project!
  5. I want to use a range of patterns and create different styles of garments, however I think it’s fair to be able to choose to re-make something in another fabric. Where this happens I’ll try to add something to the new garment so that it’s not too repetitive and boring!

So there it is! The Home Sewn By She Challenge – 52 weeks of sewing! Wish me luck, because I’m probably going to need it!


4 thoughts on “Home Sewn By She – The Challenge

  1. thecuriousbum says:

    My goal’s been to get jeans sewing down to 2-3 days … basically without any other commitments. Toughest part is starting, unless I use the treadle which has a tendency to shear the needle’s thread. Anyway, good goal.


    • sheisthewildyouth says:

      I always find it hard to get started, I distract myself with 100 other things, but don’t you find that once you get started you kinda don’t wana stop? It’s a good goal, let me know how it’s going in a few months!


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