The Adventures of She and He – Our Holiday

Those of you who follow me on Instagram will know that the fella and I went on holiday last week to Lanzarote. What most people won’t know is that this was my first holiday abroad! Boy, was I excited!! We had booked the holiday in January, and paid it off in March so it had been a long wait, but by the time it arrived, I was ready for a holiday away from work and the UK weather!

The only times I’d previously been out of the country were last year: a week-long work-trip to China and a day-trip to DisneyLand Paris (not for work, that was for fun!), so having a whole week away, on an island renowned for beautiful weather with my wonderful Mister, I didn’t really know what to expect, but it was fun!!


We spent the first part of our holiday exploring the area and checking out what excursions were available there and planning which ones we were going to do:

Go Karting was a must…


As was driving a dune buggy or quad bike. I chose the buggy because I wanted a go and quad bikes seem scarier. We did this in Feurtaventura, which was a short boat trip from Lanzarote, which was 90% off-road and we saw mountains, volcanoes, sandy beaches, the desert aaaand a few small villages all scattered around the North of the island. It was fun!

DSC_2122 DSC_2116DSC_2124We visited an uninhabited island called Los Lobos, which had the most stunning beach (apparently no photo) and clear seas…


We went to the local zoo, a short walk up the road from our hotel…


And I made a friend!



And we spent loads of time in the games room playing pool and table tennis, because there’s nothing like a little bit of competition (even if I always seem to lose!)

IMG_20150619_200744I also wore my Simplicity Blogger Challenge dress, and received a compliment on it (I didn’t hear it but the fella did!)


We went all-inclusive, so got to see some interesting acts for the evening entertainment and of course there were some obligatory days by the pool!!


By the end of it though, I did miss our homely routine and the kitties! And now I’ve had a little break from sewing, I’m all geared up ready to start my 52 weeks challenge!! I’ve got another post lined up about my current sewing area and kit, so that at different milestones throughout the challenge, I can see how I’ve adapted this and how it has grown to work for the range of projects I will be creating!

So, that was my first abroad, summer-holiday and it was fantastic! Where have you been or where are you going this year?


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