Happy Place

Since moving in with the fella, I have upgraded my sewing area. Not by huge standards, I don’t have a whole sewing room, but I’ve purchased new furniture in order to utilise storage and work space. It is by no means perfect, I still have to cut out fabric and trace patterns on the floor (unless I take it into work) and I seem to have delegated my desk drawers into storage for general things, not sewing-related things, but it is definitely the best sewing home I’ve ever owned and I’m sure my upcoming challenge will only improve things further.

Sewing Home

Sewing Home

My sewing corner, is at the opposite end of the living room to the “living” area, ie TV and sofa (and fella’s Xbox). It’s a space big enough for me to get on with what I want to do, as long as the fella doesn’t want to go into the kitchen! The desk is along the main back wall of the room so as you walk in you can see my sewing area, and often my latest make, in all its glory!

I like sewing whilst in the same room as the fella, it technically means we’re spending time together without having to do the same thing or watch the other person do their own thing. We can still chat and giggle and I can show him my progress, or we can just get on with our own personal hobbies.

The Machines

Meet Waldo, my sewing machine :)

Meet Waldo, my sewing machine 🙂

My sewing machine is the only machine I have ever owned, it is 10 years old and it’s my baby. It has moved everywhere with me, and although I didn’t use it regularly for a very long time, I have always cherished it. It is a Singer and does everything I need a machine to do and more. I haven’t used all of its features yet but I think this upcoming challenge will encourage me to try new things and find out what it is really made of! It also looks a bit like a whale if you look at it from the back…

I'm not the only one to see a whale here, right?

I’m not the only one to see a whale here, right?



I also have a 3-thread over locker, which I received in a trade for my male mannequin, Oscar. It doesn’t have a blade, and it makes one hell of a racket, but it always does an amazing job. I’ve named him Clunkers, because he makes a clunky noise that can probably be heard all over Hemel Hempstead!

Sewing Tools


The essentials

I have a main storage box, which holds all of my scissors, tape measure, chalk, pins etc. I find by keeping everything together, I don’t misplace items and lose them, nor can the kitties get to them and hide them under the sofa. The box is too messy to have an “inside” photo, so you get a piccy of the tools that are my faves!


I also have an extra lamp on my desk, which I use to give me that little bit extra light when the machine’s bulb isn’t quite enough. This lamp is even older than my machine and was acquired from the family home, I love the flexible stand and now, with an added magnet, it also holds my pins!!


This isn't even all of them...

This isn’t even all of them…

I use a variety of boxes and pots for my sewing tools, threads, trims and patterns.


These two boxes were gifts, one from my brother and his wife and the other from my parents. I love them, and I love how unique they make my sewing area to me. I like it when things match and go together perfectly… But I prefer my sewing area to be a little mismatched, it grows with me and I like to move things around every so often!


My fabric shelves are from Ikea, I’ve seen a few sewists use these same shelves to store their stashes and mine is slowly growing! I use the storage boxes to hold current projects, planned refashions, some clean wadding and the finer fabrics in my stash. With the kitties roaming around the flat, I have come to terms with the fact that some fabrics will get covered in fur every so often, so the more washable ones are on display!


I have a small range of patterns, and collection of magazines and books to help me out too. Most of these have been collected this year, and I haven’t really thought about how I’ll be storing these as the collection continues to grow… But I’m pretty sure my sewing corner will adapt with it!

So that’s my little happy place for you all to see!! What is your sewing area like?


4 thoughts on “Happy Place

  1. Katie Writes Stuff says:

    That’s a great sewing space and I wholeheartedly agree with things being mismatched. I love that! It might be nice to have everything matching and coordinating perfectly, but I think it’s more fun to have a bit of this and a bit of that and make it all work together.

    My sewing space is just a table at the moment, although it’s going to expand considerably when we move. I can’t wait!


  2. sheisthewildyouth says:

    Definitely agree, it’s fun to find new trinkets and boxes and tins as your space grows!

    Ah, how exciting! Enjoy every moment of your new space. When I moved, I left the sewing corner til last to unpack and build up. It was fun, and it meant I knew what space I was working with, which got me thinking how I could fill it!! Good luck with the move too!!


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