HSBS Challenge Week 1 – Simple Sew Ruby goes to Space Dress

Remember the little challenge I set myself? Well, the first week is over! After a successful fabric shopping trip last week, I was super excited to get started!

It's soooo pretty!

It’s soooo pretty!

I found this beautiful 2-way stretch jersey in Walthamstow and fell in love! I got it for a bargain of £6 a metre, and bought 2.5m, which was more than enough for this pattern so I’ve got some left over (and plenty of ideas of how to use it!).

Click the pic if you want to purchase this pattern!

Click the pic if you want to purchase this pattern!

The Ruby Dress pattern, which was originally a freebie with Love Sewing magazine, was purchased on eBay for around £7, I can’t remember exactly how much I bought it for but it was worth it at the time because I thought I wouldn’t get another chance to get one for a while! Love Sewing magazine now offers you to buy previous copies of the magazine and/or the free patterns here, so it’s worth having a browse if you’ve missed an edition or seen a pattern somewhere else!


Originally, I planned to make this in a emerald green ponti jersey, but I quickly changed my mind with the space fabric! Space is beautiful and ginormous and has so many unknowns. Even as a little girl, I would look up into the night sky and stare at the stars billions of light years away. As I got older, I realised how tiny Earth is in regards to the solar system, and the whole universe, and we’re lucky to be a part of its existence, even if it’s minuscule when taking into account all of the galaxies out there!

Space 2

I then saw a wonderful link on Buzzfeed’s Twitter feed here which has 17 stunning images of space – this one reminded me of my fabric and therefore is my fave!


Anyway, onto the first make of this wonderful, eye-opening challenge! The pattern is a lovely one to work with, it has a fitted bodice and full-circle skirt, and is suitable for woven fabrics. I however wanted a new jersey dress, and thought this shape would be perfect!


I was right, the drape of the fabric works well for the circle skirt, and also gives a nice shape and structure to the bodice. If I was to repeat this pattern with a similar fabric, I’d remove the waist darts as they’re not really needed for a knit.


I traced off a 10, after reading reviews that the measurements were pretty accurate, and I can only agree with this recommendation. I omitted the zip, as there was purely no need for it and when I stitched up the side seams, I took in an extra 0.75cm each side because the fabric allowed for it and it gave the dress a more-snug fit!


The dress was stitched-on my regular machine with a straight stitch, and then the edges were finished with the overlocker. Even though the edges won’t fray, I wanted a lovely neat finish inside and out!


I overlocked the hem and turned it up 2cm (I don’t know what the pattern recommends) and stitched this with a straight stitch twice to give a twin-needle/cover stitch effect.

It took around 4hours to stitch up this dress, the instructions are okay, but can be confusing in places! Just take your time and you’ll be able to figure it out though! The pattern also does not tell you which length zip to buy/use – be wary of this!!

I’ll definitely be using this pattern again, it’s perfect for little work dresses and can be made in knits and woven! Watch this space, I think I’ll be making a few more and I’ll probably add in some pockets to make it perfect!! Unfortunately, my plans to wear this out last night (and get photos) were cancelled, so I am yet to wear this out, but I will be wearing it to work one day this week so will post some pics on Instagram and may even update this post!

Time taken to make: 4 hours 🙂

Cost: Approx £19.00 (but when I use the pattern again and again, this will decrease over time)

Playlist: BBC Radio 1’s Dance Anthems, Wimbledon and a little bit of Dinner Date (I love that show!)

Next week will be a simpler project so that I can finish early and spend more time prepping my Ginger Jeans pattern for Week 3! Exciting stuff!!

Even just in this first week, I’ve seen how easy it is to squeeze in pattern prep and sewing time! As time goes on, and I have more patterns traced off, I think it’ll be even easier to churn out garments in the week! So far, I’m having fun picking patterns and suitable fabrics, thinking of ways I can challenge myself and yet still fit in social plans!

Anyhoo, that’s the beginning of my challenge started, only 51 more weeks to go 😉 what have you all been sewing this week?


5 thoughts on “HSBS Challenge Week 1 – Simple Sew Ruby goes to Space Dress

  1. Katie Writes Stuff says:

    It looks wonderful! I love the combination of a very modern looking print with a classic dress style – it works so well. Hopefully the rest of your challenge will be as successful as this.

    My own sewing has involved putting together some knitted cardigans – the baby one is done and sent off, so all I need to do is finish the sleeves and buttons on the one for me and I’ll be happy!


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