HSBS Challenge Week 2 – The Last-Minute Quick and Simple Pleated Skirt

My plan to get a simple garment finished early last week, didn’t exactly work out! Or at least not it the way I thought it would.

Originally, I had this lightweight poly-cotton fabric…



And the issue of Sew Magazine which came with a free copy of the GBSB Sleeveless Shell Top…


And the idea of the Zebra Sleeveless Shell Top was born and I was excited, because this would also go with the jeans I’ll be making for week 3! I traced off the size 8, as suggested by the bust measurement in the magazine and cut out my beautiful fabric.


With some help with Sweep the Sewing Kitty / Patternweight


Everything was going to plan! The top came together easily, I interfaced my facings and trimmed and finished all of the edges as I went along… Unfortunately, the top didn’t fit me… And for such a simple make, this is a little bit disheartening.


I spent the next day pondering whether to start again, adapt the design or finish the garment and class it as a finished but unwearable (for me) make. In the end, I’ve decided to leave it for now, I have a few fixes in mind, but I don’t want to rush them in order to get a quick fix, I can save that for another week! This is not the end of the Zebra Sleeveless Shell Top (mainly because I don’t want to start having “unfinished projects” piling up because of this challenge!).

However, in order to keep up with the challenge, I did need to come up with a garment for week 2! And come up with a garment I did!


Pinterest is a magical place. I believe it could well be the Narnia of the Internet… Except for the fact that when you leave Pinterest, time in the real world has indeed passed whether that is half an hour or 7hours… You can find anything on Pinterest, but I particularly like it for funny images and inspiration. So, in search for a quick fix, I found that I had pinned this Simple Pleated Skirt, originally posted here!

I followed the maths in order to create my own pattern, but I made things in my own way. The instructions were just different to what I would normally do! If I’d taken photos I’d probably share my method with you, but following the original post will be fine!


I am particularly proud of my pattern matching! However I concentrated on this SO MUCH that I didn’t think about the print placement at the centre front or back, so it’s a bit off… But I’ll get over it I’m sure!!  The invisible zip looks pretty good too, considering I am lacking in the invisible zipper-foot department!!


The skirt came together in just a few hours, and I’m really happy with it! I used less than 1metre of fabric to make it, although if I’d had more I’d have cut the waistband on the bias.

I feel much better about this whole challenge, knowing that I turned week 2 around. Let’s hope week 3 goes a little smoother!


5 thoughts on “HSBS Challenge Week 2 – The Last-Minute Quick and Simple Pleated Skirt

  1. ccmercer1982 says:

    Both makes looks great – love the fabric for the skirt and I’m impressed you got it out of one metre! What’s wrong with the shell top? I made one too and wasn’t very happy with the fit, which disappointed me.

    Liked by 1 person

    • sheisthewildyouth says:

      Oh, it’s too tight across the chest and shorter than I imagined it would be! I also think the darts are too high for my boobs! I probably should have made a 12 for the fit I imagined but the pic of the one in the magazine looked nice so I guessed that’s how it would look on me! Kinda glad it’s not just me that had issues fitwise! Will you be giving it another go? It’s made me wary of making the other patterns in the book though!
      The skirt was super easy, definitely suggest giving it a go! Especially for fabrics that you only have short lengths of!! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • ccmercer1982 says:

        Mine is also too short, unless it was worn with something high waisted, which I don’t really do. I liked the facings but wasn’t that impressed with just turning up the bottom hem – not very neat – and didn’t want to lose any more length by turning it up again. It’s a shame because like you said it should be a nice simple make!

        Liked by 1 person

      • sheisthewildyouth says:

        I didn’t bother hemming mine haha! The facings are a nice touch, it gave it a neater finish and works well with finishing the edges of the opening at the back neck. Nevermind though, you win some and you lose some!! And I got a new skirt out of it in the end!!

        Liked by 1 person

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