HSBS Challenge Week 3 – The Ginger Jeans Journey + August Plans

As soon as I set myself this 52 week challenge, I knew I wanted to make some Ginger Jeans by Heather at Closet Case Files. I LOVE jeans, they’re a go-to staple in my wardrobe, for those days when I just don’t feel like wearing skirts or dresses. They can be casual or dressed up! They’re wearable all year round… What’s not to love?!

I’ve seen so many posts on this pattern and everyone’s jeans turn out so well! I just had to give it a go. I purchased the pattern first from Craftsy, and then went to Goldhawk Road to find me some denim! I was a little disappointed, because I wanted to make some maroon coloured jeans, but when I spied some black and pink denim with 3% elastane I decided this was the way to go and I never looked back! I’d also spent my limit for the day so decided it was only safe to head back to the coach stop!!

I’ve made jeans before, I did it at uni, but they were men’s jeans AND I made them and then found a model to fit/wear them so I knew this would be more challenging, as ideally I’d quite like to wear the finished product.

Basic shell for a basic fit!

Basic shell for a basic fit!

Anyhoo, as I had a not-so-simple Week 2, where I pretty much made 2 garments and then I had a couple of days off/socialising, I didn’t actually start sticking the paper pattern together until the Wednesday evening! Ooops! I made a quick shell in similar weight/stretch denim the following evening and got started on the real thing on Saturday afternoon. If this had been another garment, I’d have probably got it pretty-much finished on Saturday, however jeans deserve a little more time, because great jeans are only great if they’re well made. A lot of detail goes into jeans, mainly top-stitching, and this can slow a project down (especially if you’re changing regular thread for top stitching thread every few steps). I did not want to rush these, and so, even though today is Wednesday of week 4, they are still not finished!

DSC_2348 Don’t panic though, they’ll get finished by Saturday, as well as a lovely, floral, jersey peplum top to go with them (project for week 4 🙂 ). “But you’re so behind on your challenge!!” you might be yelling at your screens, and yes, you’re right I am and it’s only week 3, BUT what you must remember is that I set this challenge myself, and I make the rules so I’m not beating myself up about it. PLUS sewing is fun and this challenge is supposed to be fun and it’s not going to be if I think I’ve failed because I’ve taken my time to make something good, not just make something for the sake of getting it finished for a challenge which is supposed to be building my skills and time-management. That is how I roll and as long as I’m happy then this little blog will be happy. I’m not punishing myself for not sticking exactly to the deadline of a Saturday, when I can easily make up the time in the next 48 weeks!

Week 4's pattern - View B :)

Week 4’s pattern – View B 🙂

Anyway, I’m really excited to show you the jeans, I used the darker side with bright pink top-stitching and they really are coming along nicely and fit well!! Here’s a pic of my view on Monday night, in my little sewing area. The finished jeans will have to wait until Saturday :P.


And then it’ll be August, so I thought I’d share a few plans with you seeing as I can’t show you a finished garment (yet)! Next month will bring 4 more weeks to this challenge, which will see me (finally) do some unselfish sewing for my niece, I’ll be making her a zoo-themed birthday dress – fabric and pattern recommendations will be gladly received as I haven’t planned anything yet!; 2 refashions for The Refashioners 2015 (everyone is invited to take part, details can be found here!); some running trousers and probably the jumpsuit from the GBSB Book from Series 3 or some comfy cotton trousers, if I can find some suitable fabric.

Shirt 1 for The Refashioners 2015

Shirt 1 for The Refashioners 2015

Shirt 2 for The Refashioners 2015!!

Shirt 2 for The Refashioners 2015!!

The Sure Run to the Beat 10K takes place in September, so I will also be upping my training and thinking of some fun ways to fund-raise (again, I will gladly welcome recommendations). I’ve been a little lazy for the past week or so, plus I was struggling in the UK heatwave for a while, but once I get back into the routine I’ll be pushing myself harder than ever before!! I’ll keep you updated with my training along the way too!


2 thoughts on “HSBS Challenge Week 3 – The Ginger Jeans Journey + August Plans

  1. thecuriousbum says:

    You’re a busy bee. I may get that jeans pattern since so far I’ve been limited to just men’s stuff. Do you sew in useful pockets?–I hear that’s a problem with women’s pants. In fact I fixed up a pair for a friend a while ago and the pocket was bar-stitched shut, presumably on accident.


    • sheisthewildyouth says:

      Busy-bee should probably be my middle name, I’m not very good at doing nothing, I like to pad out all my time between waking up in the morning and going to bed with things to do and people to see!

      Ah jeans need useful pockets, in my opinion! I hate it when jeans have decorative pockets which are full of lies and deceit and can’t be used! Jeggings are the main source of this problem! Give it a go, it’s actually a very good pattern, the instructions are different to how I’ve made jeans before, so if you’ve got a way that works for you I’d stick with it but it has been fun trying it out!!


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