The Made Up Initiative – I’m In Too!

Just a little post to share The Made Up Initiative set up by Karen of “Did You make That?” and Love Sewing magazine, in order to raise money for the National Literary Trust. All the details are in Karen’s post but I think this is such a wondeful idea.

I was lucky in my childhood, as my parents would encourage me to read and write and would make time to help me, as well as my 3 siblings!! Not everyone has this luxury, and I’m pretty sure my brother’s, my sister and I took this for granted growing up (and probably moaned about it too!). I am very happy to support this cause!! Karen reached her fundraising target within 48 hours (!!!) so who know’s how much she’ll have raised by the end of the month!!

Karen has also given us all a challenge (should we wish to accept it) with some fantastic prizes – you make your own pledge all you need to do is complete it by 10th September! I have kept mine simple – I pledge to catch up with my 52 Weeks Sewing Challenge (so need to have completed week 9) – some of you may have noticed I’m still behind – I’ll explain in due time, but I’ll definitely be able to catch up!!

Make sure you check out Karen’s page above and make your own donation and pledge!!

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