Oh, hi there!… Remember me?

Hi again!! So, you may or may not have noticed that I’ve not been around for a little while… I haven’t technically gone anywhere but I’ve most definitely not been posting or sewing. I won’t go into the details but I lost my sew-jo AND had a bit of blogger’s block. So I took a little break from it all, and had a little think about my blogging goals.

Having been really excited to start my 52 weeks challenge, I don’t think I’d really thought through the commitment I was making. It was more challenging to divide my time up into sewing portions around plans and work and chill time than I’d imagined, and I think the commitment was ultimately too big.

Don’t worry,I will be reworking the guidelines of the challenge so that the challenge will still exist BUT it may be more of a “How many garments can I make in this 52 week period?” as opposed to “I have to make 1 garment a week for 52 weeks”. A little more flexibilty won’t do me any harm, and it will also take off the pressure and allow it to be fun again!! It’s taken me a little while to come to this conclusion, and admitting it out loud is a little embarrassing, if I’m being completely honest (after only a few posts to show what I’d made so far). However, I can’t keep pretending I’ll make up the lost time and I can’t keep avoiding the challenge either. I considered deleting it, but I just don’t feel right about giving up on it completely!

I also want this blog to be more than just about sewing, and for a little while, all I was doing was concentrating on the sewing aspect (with a little bit of running thrown in – more on that soon, there’s an exciting update about my race lined up!).

I think the break has done some good for me, I miss reading blogs daily and feel a little guilty about my growing, but in reality quite neglected, sewing area. Now that I have cleared the air, I feel a whole lot better than just hiding from it all!!

Please feel free to share some exciting posts I may have missed in the last 2 months in the comments below!! 😛


2 thoughts on “Oh, hi there!… Remember me?

  1. Katie Writes Stuff says:

    Sewing a garment a week would have been a massive challenge! I’ve been struggling with sewing a garment a month… It was definitely a good idea to take a break when you realised you weren’t enjoying it as much – hopefully the revised challenge will bring the fun back for you.


  2. thecuriousbum says:

    Yeah, it’s no big deal. I’ve seen lots of people take on big challenges or commit to writing some number of blogs or whatever, and then they totally disappear, sometimes forever. It is better, at least in my opinion, to hear from them intermittently even if goals weren’t reached.


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