Happy New Year

Happy New Year!! I hope you’ve all had a wonderful holiday, and settling back into work wasn’t too strenuous!

Once again, it’s been a little while longer in-between posts than I’d previously planned but life just gets in the way sometimes! I’m thinking the new year is probably just as good a reason as any to start up again, so here we go 😉 !!

One whole year ago, when I started this blog, I set out with two goals… To write more on this blog (which I was pretty darn good at until August)!! AND to start up sewing again and work on building up hobbies. It may not have been a perfect journey, but I did loads better than I actually thought I would! I concentrated on a few projects and built up my sewing kit, realised I am still a confident sewer and invested time and money into this hobby. I also started up running, completed a 10k and have even continued working out regularly, which is probably the longest I have ever stuck to regular exercise since I left school and PE was no longer mandatory!

This year, I thought I’d set myself one sewing goal, which is to concentrate on perfecting my fit and construction, and to make better quality garments which I can fill my wardrobe with. Included within this goal would be a sub-goal to draft more of my own patterns. Now that I have found some good places to buy fabrics, I feel much more confident in completing this goal!

It’s just a hunch :P!

I plan to keep things easy-going and have fun with it. I’m expecting to make mistakes, but to also learn how to overcome all sorts of fit and design issues! Which I’m sure will make good stories to share with you all!

I actually sorted out the Sewing Home last night, and by sorted out I mean decluttering my desk of clean socks and not-yet-homed Christmas presents!! Now every time I look at my clear desk (and whichever cat is sat on it, claiming it as his own) I get a little pang of excitement!!

I also got a shiny, new over locker from the fella for my Birthday / Christmas present and I’m dying to try it out properly!! I have a jersey top cut out and ready to sew, which I think will be a good little project to get me started, give the new machine a little run, and get some creative juices flowing!!

I am looking forward to 2016, and whatever it has in store! Let me know what goals you have set out for next 12 months!!



5 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. mommermom says:

    Sewing is so fun, isn’t it I have been sewing mostly crafts and around the home items but thinking of actually doing some clothing this year! Good luck on your commitments.


  2. Katie Writes Stuff says:

    We may think our desks are for sewing, but our cats know better. It is very excited to have a dedicated space for sewing – it helps to feel as though it’s a proper priority when it has its own area. Have fun with your new overlocker!


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