Sewing Home: New Sewing Machine Cover

In January, I decided my sewing machine needed a new cover. I won’t lie, it’s been on my To-Do list since the beginning of last year… But like most things in my To-Do list, it didn’t actually get done (I don’t even really like lists). Either way, I couldn’t stand looking at the old, original cover that came with the machine 11 years ago.


In the beginning, the original cover was clean and white, and wasn’t cracked from being manoeuvred up and down the country. In the end, it looked dank and dirty, which didn’t work well in the whole “pretty sewing home” thing I was working towards. I didn’t bother taking a photo of the original, and to be honest yucky, cover because I was a little embarrassed about it and I forgot before I started on my plan to make a new one.


What spurred me on to make a new cover, was a piece in Love Sewing magazine which basically gave you a step-by-step to make a caravan-themed cover. Not that I wanted a caravan-themed cover, BUT it had dimensions and instructions and, well, sometimes you just need a little push!!


Anyway, after spending too much time trying to figure out if the dimensions in the magazine would even work for covering my machine, I had a little brainwave! Why not unpick the original cover, which I know 100% for sure that it fits my machine and that I’m never going to use again, and use that as a pattern? So I did (hence no ugly before picture)!


I used fabrics from my stash, which I’d had for at least a year, so I’m counting this a free project. It took a couple of hours to cut out and put together and now sits proudly on my machine, protecting it from dust and cat fur. I decided to use a durable denim for the main part of the cover and used the same material I covered my chair in for the contrasting sides and to line the cover. I also used the same material as the lining to bind the hem after adding my Home-Sewn by She label, so it now feels like there is a bit of a theme running through the sewing area.


If you follow me on Instagram, you will now that I made this in the first 2 weeks on 2016… I have had such a busy year so far, work has been hectic (I even went to Madagascar) and my weekends have been fully packed out! I’m hoping things get a little quieter now so that I can make a few pieces for a holiday in April, that we haven’t booked yet, and use up some more of my stash. I also want to add more posts here, I’ve been keeping up with everyone else’s blogs, just not my own!! It’s silly really!

Thanks all for reading! I hope your Monday is going well. What do you all have planned to sew over the long Easter weekend?



2 thoughts on “Sewing Home: New Sewing Machine Cover

  1. Katie Writes Stuff says:

    You’ve given me some hope – I, too, have been wanting to make a new sewing machine cover since I got my new-old sewing machine out, but it hasn’t happened yet. Now I just have to hope I won’t put it off for eleven years, because this is entirely possible. At the moment, my machine is protected by draping a tea towel over it, as its proper cover is a serious hard shell thingy. On the up side, the tea towel has an appliqued chicken on it; on the down side, it’s a tea towel.

    Have fun with your future sewing and blogging plans!


    • sheisthewildyouth says:

      A tea towel isn’t a bad “temporary” cover. It’s washable and interchangeable, a chicken today could be a range of cupcakes tomorrow (depending on the range of tea towels you’re willing to promote to Sewing Machine Protector!). My cover was so bad, I stopped using it and used no substitute, which I think we can both agree is no good at protecting machine against kitty fur… Especially when my sewing desk has been cleared and the cats think it’s all for them!!
      Have fun with yours, the cover would be a good mini project… And you can even do your own appliquéd chicken!! 🙂

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