A Little Day Trip for She: Sewing for Pleasure Show at the NEC

Ha! That rhymes ;)!

At the end of last year, I tried to find a sewing exhibition I could go to pretty soon and subsequently couldn’t find any because I’d missed all of them for 2015!! So I decided I’d make more of an effort to attend at least one this year. So when I saw the Sewing for Pleasure show at the NEC advertised in a magazine, I decided to go… Unfortunately I was busy on the weekend days but I decided to book a long weekend off work so that I’d still get to go!


Ticket for 1 day’s entry was £12 and it granted you access to the Sewing for Pleasure show, as well as a crafting and a baking show! So I knew it would take a few hours to wander around! I booked the train, because I didn’t want to have to deal with M1 and M6 traffic, or parking, plus I quite like trains. It meant I could relax and have a few hours to myself!

Onto the best part of the trip!! I did make some purchases, which just made it all the more worth it. First of all, I picked up a bobbin case (not pictured) to store those pesky spools, and a sewing machine carry case (so that I can move my machine around without worrying I’m going to damage it or lose something off it!


Next, I hit the pattern stand!! I was on the look out for a hoody pattern for myself but found this men’s one, which I decided could work for the fella and could be graded down to suit me… So essentially a 2-in-1. And whilst browsing the rest for something a little more holiday suited, I found this play suit and jump suit pattern. I love play suits, however I find they’re usually really short… This way I can lengthen the shorts and or bodice to suit me!


With patterns in hand, I went looking for fabrics. First of all a loop-back jersey for the hoody pattern, I could only find it in grey, but that suited me (and the fella) and would encourage me to find a rib fabric and the other notions to actually make the hoodies. The fabric was £9.50 p/m and was my most expensive spend of the day, but it will be worth it!


Then I found some printed fabrics, in a sale for £5 p/m each, as they were last summer’s stock. The heart printed fabric is a ponti jersey and the other is a crepe style fabric, which I am going to use for the play suit pattern.



With another hour to go before I needed to leave to get my train, I wandered around aimlessly, looking at cake and paper crafts until venturing back into the sewing show for one last perusal… When I found a sewing ham, and decided I’d take the plunge and finally invest in one. I’m definitely sure that this will come in useful for pretty much all future sewing projects!


It was at this point I had to leave, because I’d spent more than I’d budgeted for and didn’t want to tempt myself. All-in-all, it was a great trip! With purchases for the sewing home and future projects, I knew the trip was worth it. I bought a show programme so that I’d have a list of everyone I saw on the day for future purchases, and there are some things I had to leave behind so it sure I’ll be checking out a few things online in the next few months!!

I’ve seen a few posts from others who visited the show, I hope you all had as much fun as I did! What purchases did you make, and what plans do you have in-store for them? If you didn’t get to go, hopefully you’ll get to go next time :).



What are your thoughts?

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